Look Beauty LOUD LIPS: Cherry Bomb

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Look Beauty is a brand by the magazine Look they're stocked in Superdrug in the UK or online here. They have a range of affordable make up to suit lots of people. I am a huge fan of their Nail Varnishes called Nail Pop - see here & here so I recently branched out to other parts of their collection. I am a classic Marilyn and a complete sucker for a red lipstick. What attracted me to this one was the fact that they say "Your one-coat route to a super-hot pout." It really bugs me when a bold lipstick just slides off, minutes after application. 

- The boldness of the colour is something I love, as it is a block kind of matte finished lipstick. There is no shimmer or glitter in it which I find a lot in many other lipsticks. 
- I love how long this lipstick last - after the initial look of it being quite creamy it stinks in as a stain and lasts the majority of the day. If wearing it at night you will need wipes or a remover to get this off otherwise it will still be there in the morning. (I know from past experience... oops) 
- And the final but not the least big positive about this lipstick and the brand as a whole is that they are good value for money - this lipstick was £7 which wasn't the cheapest nor was it the most expensive either. 

- I found it really drying - I must admit I don't have the best lips and I find that I am always hunting for a thick and creamy lip balm which is why I need my lipsticks to be a lot creamier. This I found would seep into the cracks of my lip and highlight their chapness even with a balm applied before.
- The packaging is quite bulky and the lid is magnetic but it isn't that strong so it comes off really easily in your bag - which is pretty annoying especially when everything you pull out is smeared in red lipstick and let me tell you get gets everywhere.
- Okay so we can see that colour of the lipstick is a lot deeper than when I took a swatch, don't get me wrong I do love the colour in which it has come out. Only it looks a lot lighter too so when I first opened this up I thought I had received the wrong colour it was only when I thought I would try it out, I notice that it came out a lot lighter but not really a massive con but annoyed me.

I honestly do love the Look Beauty's brand but the reason I gave this such a mediocre rating was mainly because the packaging was really irritating. Maybe I just got a faulty one but there is no click or anything which shuts it so when it gets knocked next to something the lid comes off. Have you tried this lipsticks? Did I get baddy? What do you think of these?


  1. Ugh the packaging is a downer. It looks gorgeous but I once had a purple lipstick open in my purse and everything got smeared even my keys! It was terrible! The color is super gorgeous though x

  2. Love the lipstick,its so bright and the colour is very pretty!:)


  3. I don't really like the packaging because it looks kind of cheap :( but the product itself is an amazing colour! Suits you really well :)
    Great post!


  4. That's such a gorgeous shade of red! :) xx