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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone,

So last Sunday I went to the Vitality Show at Earls Court, London. It was a day of fitness, health and beauty literally my dream day. Whilst I was there I was introduced to some new brands and managed to grab myself some bargains too. One of my favourite discovered brands was Bomb Cosmetics where I was just in heaven and amazed by the volume of bath bombs, melts, creamers, blasters, soaps and candles... plus they came in every variety. Luckily my friend went and sat down with all our bags as she knew I would be there for a while even though I said I was only going to pick up a couple. Thankfully she knew me better and after about 30minutes of browsing, I came away with 18 bath goodies. 

Why I like Bomb Cosmetics:
  • They are handmade in the UK
  • Against animal testing
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Natural ingredients with essential oils 
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide variety
  • High quality products


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our Bath Brulees contain pure lashings of cocoa and shea butter! In fact they contain enough for up to 6 baths! Just take out the little foaming beauty when the water is soft and buttery enough and just store the rest in it's little cupcake paper."

What I say: These just smell amazing, literally think that I have died and gone to heaven when I smell these. I picked a Lavender scented one which I thought would be good for relaxing and to help de-stress after a hard day/week. Then I went for one of my favourite scents which is honey/creamy/vanilla scents.

Pro: I love the fact that they leave your skin feeling so silky soft and that the scent doesn't dilute when put in the bath. Also they are definitely worth the money too! 

Con: Whilst I think it is great that one brûlée can last up to six baths,  I firstly think that it is slight over ambitious of them to say 6 - I would probably say 4 and secondly the first time I took the brûlée out of the bath I found it a bit messy but definitely is okay once you get into the swing of doing that. I am naughty and have always used one per bath when using Lush ones. 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Bath Blasters are one of the easiest, most convenient and fun ways to enjoy aromatherapy and pure essential oils in everyday life. Pressed, rolled, dipped, sprinkled and piped entirely by hand to ensure each one is as lovely as the last!"

What I say: I did pick up more of these than are photoed by I have given them to a couple of people as I think they are so cute. I love the designs and packaging that they come in. I personally used one per bath but I know that a friend of mine has got two baths out of her one. 

Pro: Apart from smelling amazing this products designs really stand out to me, they have such a variety and I would love to slowly work my way through every single one of them. Plus they are nearly half the price of the ones in Lush and yet they are the same size. 

Con: My generally pet peeve about bath bombs/blasters is that you generally only get one use out of them and secondly they don't bubble or create bubbles and I am bubble bath kind of girl - these are just preferences though! 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our beautiful handmade Bath Mallows contain just enough cocoa and shea butter to fill a bath with rich, nourishing creamy moisturising goodness. Unlike a Bath Blaster, these will gently melt, unlocking Mother Nature's bounty!"  

What I say: These would make the perfect gift, I think the presentation of these are amazing and so delicate - I would recommend for everyone. 

Pro: They just look perfect - they smell perfect, feel perfect and come in so many different varieties that there will be one for everyones preference. The creamy bottom nourishing the skin whilst the crumbly top helps makes bubbles. 

Con: You have to use one per bath because you can spilt them as the top part of the cupcake is a different texture to the bottom. The top has the consistency of a Bath Brûlée and the bottom feels like the bath creamers - which is great as you get the best of both worlds but annoying if you want to get two baths worth. 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our decadent Bath Creamers are pressed by hand from pure cocoa and shea buffers, and trap some of Mother Nature's finest essential oils inside. They gently melt releasing nourishing and deeply moisturising butters to condition your skin."

What I say:  These look, smell and feel great. They are my favourite option, they do come on par with the Bath Mallows yet I think they make better gifts. They just make my baths feel extra special and I love a good bath especially on a Sunday. 

Pro: The first thing I love is that they a kind of seam down the middle of the ball where you can carefully split them using a normal knife which means they last longer and work out really cheap. 

Con: I am trying to think of a con for these but I am finding it really hard, whilst they don't create bubbles (my preferred bath) they do make the bath milky and soft. 

I can't wait to make my next order I already have quite a few things on my wish list.

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics? 


  1. So cute! I'd feel bad using them, haha. I love how you listed out the pros and cons of each one. I'd love to try some, though they don't seem to be sold outside the UK? :(

    1. No but they deliver which is a winner :) x

  2. I went on Saturday and I was SO tempted to purchase the cake slice bath bars, they looked and smelt gorgeous. You picked most of my favourites! :) xo

    1. They are amazing and I think a lot better than lush too! :) x

  3. I love this company, everything I have tried has been fab xx

  4. They all look so pretty! I really want to go to the Vitality show next year!
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    1. If you go - take a wheely thing you get so many free/ cheap things! :) x