Mac Viva Glam "Nicki" Lipstick

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


What Mac says: "Mac and hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj join forces to create Viva Glam Nicki, a scene-stealing lipstick. The full RRP (less VAT) from the sale of this lipstick is paid to Mac Aids Funds and goes towards helping women, men and kids everywhere affected by HIV and AIDS. Limited Edition"

What I say: I know most people love Mac but for some reason I just have never been a Mac girl - I think it is because there has never been one that local to me. So at the grand old age of 23 this was my first Mac lipstick - I have used their face products before but never anything for the lips or eyes. 
The one thing that really drew me to this lipstick other than the colour was the fact that all the profit goes to charity and I thought that was really lovely. However, I did go to Mac Pro in Soho with the intention of buying a coral summer shade. The make up artist in there suggested this one straight away and once I had it on, I knew I was going to be taking it home with me. For me it is a very bold colour but I think it will look beautiful once the sun finally comes out. 

- I love how bold it is, I tend to stick to nudes or bright reds for nights out, so this is a bit of a change for me.
- The colour lasts, it does kind of stain your lips but I don't mind that because it means it take a little longer until I feel the need to reapply. 
- It is highly pigmented and really thick so gives a full coverage in one application.
- I think for the quality it isn't that expensive and I will definitely be investing in some more Mac lipsticks.

- Most of my cons are personal preferences, for one I find this shade quite bold and I don't know how much everyday wear I could get out of it even though I love it. 
- You need to make sure you get all dry skin off your lips and use a balm before apply as this colour is so thick it will highlight any dryness (which most bold lipsticks would)

Have you tried anything from the Viva Glam Range? 


  1. I had the same problem with Mac where there has never been one local to me so I only discovered their products a year ago. Really fallen in love with a few of their products since coming to university though but I've still never tried a lipstick! This colour is absolutely lovely, very tempting to go and try it out for myself! Very summery :) xx

  2. This shade is gorgeous, and the fact that profits go to charity makes it all the more desirable :) it is perfect for spring/summer xx

  3. The colour would be kind of too light for me, I prefer reds instead of pinks, but I do think that it's a very pretty shade! :D It's suits you really well! Good choice.

    Great post!


  4. Love the colour, definitely would look stunning with a tan! x

  5. I love that color, suits blonde so nicely :)


  6. I love how beautifully you've taken the pictures in this post, they're lovely!
    I love this colour too! Though I can't carry off really bright lipsticks so I usually just dab it on with lip balm. I'm keen to try out this years Viva Glam Nicki as well, a creamy looking lavender :)

    Bella | BELLAETC

  7. I love this i recently got it. Plan on doing a post on it. Its useful to see how it looks on different people i think :) x

  8. Oooh, that is a fun color. It's totally 80s and rad! I can see how it wouldn't work for everyday wear, though.

  9. Well that is a very pretty colour lipstick, really suits you too! xx

  10. The lippy looks lovely on you and I like the way you styled your hair!

  11. Love the lip color love you blog maybe you can check my blog out thanks