The Body Shop Hair Care

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cottonseed Curl Boost - £7 from The Body Shop 

Macadamia Straightening Balm £7 from The Body Shop

I brought these products ages ago and I also go through stages of using them and then not. They are both reasonably price at £7 for 150ml which I think is great. I wished they had heat defence in them because when it comes to my hair I would rather have one product that does everything than loads of different products because I hate how it builds up on your scalp. However, a big bonus of these is that they are pumps and not sprays which although you have to work into your hair but it is good because that means you can focus on the area of your hair which needs it most.

Now the macadamia straightening balm is my favourite one out of the pair and is also probably the only one which i'll purchase again. The cottonseed has a runny consistency and I find that I waste a lot on my hands than on my hair. It doesn't help curl my hair which is what I am looking for because my hair is wavy and it needs that extra boost to help it curl. It smells quite pleasant too and the I like the packaging - I just wished the product actually worked on my hair. 

I love how my macadamia straightening balm feels on my hair once it has been dried. It makes the ends a lot soft and less frizzy which is great as I have quite dry ends so I need a product that not only helps the dryness but that also makes it look better. I think this product is definitely worth the £7 that it retails at. The only down side is that now my tube is running out and where the product is quite thick and creamy it is hard to get the rest out via the pump. But I'm finding ways around that... I may try and scoop all the remaining product into a pot. 


  1. I also have curly hair and im always looking for products to make it more curly and not to frizzy waves!:)

  2. I have never really thought about getting hair care from the body shop apart from salt spray; might need to try these!(:

  3. Love the body shop hair products - they smell beautiful! xx

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