Empties #5

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Medium Matte 125ml £6.99 - I like this for a one night out job, it has a thick gel formula, it is easy to apply and blends in well when using a fake tanning mitt. It is quite dark and I once brought the shimmer one over my usual matte version and wooow it has lots and lots of glitter in it. So when I went out clubbing I literally looked like the disco ball... Not sexy. But rest assure with my matte it looks perfect :) 
Will Repurchase - I love this fake tan as a quick, one night fix... it is great and non streaky. :) 

No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml £10 - I always end up trying lots of different No.7 products mainly because I accumulate a lot of their vouchers which Boots do. At the time I remember thinking that "Oh I need to buy some make-up remover but I have no money" and this wasn't worth the £5 that I spent. I had to work hard and use a lot of product to remove any eye make-up! 
Won't Repurchase - Left an oily residue on my skin, I think it caused a lot of my blemishes around my eyes.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm 4.8g £1 - This is a handbag is essential however to be short but sweet... it was okay; just like any other lip balm really. 
Won't Repurchase - As I find many different lip balms cheap enough and good enough. I like to mix it up a lot.

Radox Brazilian Fusion Shower Therapy 250ml £1 - I am always attracted to yellow/orange shower gels... i'm not sure why I think it is because of my love of citrus scents . I quite like Radox but it is always a brand that my Mum buys but the reason I have added this specific smell is because I really did love it. I'm normally a little bit of a snob with shower gels but this one was great for the money and the scent lasted ages. 
Won't Repurchase - I like Radox just this fragrance but the formula isn't a particular favourite of mine. 

Nice & Easy Colourseal Conditioning Gloss 57ml (part of a set) £5.95 - This is such a bargain hair mask, my hair drinks this conditioner as though it has been in the desert for a year. I tend to put this on dry hair and use a whole tube, then I wrap my hair in cling film and pop a towel on it for about an hour or two then I was my hair like normal... Hello silkiness... :D 
Will Repurchase - Luckily, Nice & Easy now sells this separately and it is such a good conditioner for a weekly treat... I will be stocking up on this :) 

V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir 75ml £4.29 - So many people hype up this product but I felt that it did nothing for my hair, I wasn't sure whether I used it correctly or whether it just wasn't loving my hair. In fact I found that it made my hair get greasy quicker and yet the ends drier than before despite only popping this on my ends... :S Not a fan. 
Won't Repurchase - Even though this is a hyped product, my hair doesn't particularly love it. 

Collection 2000 Shine Away Compact Powder: Medium 2 10g £4.19 - This was a random purchase which generally lived in the bottom of my handbag. It worked as a like a setting or a blotting powder, it has saved me through the day but I don't think that this product was any better or worse than most of the market. The only good thing is that it is cheaaaapp! 
Won't Repurchase - Nice enough but didn't make a really difference... would rather experiment with a few more brands. 

Lots of negatives today... oops but the poorer I'm getting the more products I'm zooming through. But it is a great and using up lots of half or 3/4 full products.

Catch you later :) 


  1. I've been trying to use up products I've already got and I'm finding some amazing things I'd forgotten about but also a lot of crap. Still feels good to use something up though :)



    1. It is a nightmare but it helps on the old bank balance when you use products which are just okay... and it gets them out of the way :) x

  2. I'm not really a fan of the Radox shower gel too! But I love their bubble baths(:


    1. Yeah me too I just popped the pink one in my bath :) x

  3. I always used to use that insant-tan until I accepted that I will always be pale and should stop fighting it haha! It used to be my saviour before we had 'games' at school and everyone would laugh at my WHITE legs if I didn't use it hahaha! x


    1. Haha. yeah it is quite a strong colour. I love the pale look in the winter though, I think it is much prettier :)