F*ck Monday: 23

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello Everyone!

So I'm finally posting as a 23 year old eeek and the years are flying past! Haha I sound so cringey. I was dreading my birthday this year, I am a little odd and don't particularly like the feeling of getting older especially as I always have that notice that I haven't accomplished everything I would had like by this age. Blah moany rant over... If my Dad was reading this he would be telling me that I am sitting in Pity City and that is a place that no one wants to be in. haha.

I have a new addiction at the moment and it is Pinterest, I have been signed up for ages but I have never used it and at the moment I can't get enough of it. Yesterday I spent early the whole day watching Come Dine With Me, playing Hay Day and browsing Pinterest. The photo above I found on there... :)

I'm really trying to put my whole heart and soul into losing weight, I think I have hit the point where I actually really want it. Most of the times that I have attempted to diet but I don't think I have really wanted as much as I made out hence failing. I mean I've never been a skinny girl, and to be honest I don't think I ever will be but I really want to get down to a size 12 which I would need to drop 2 dress sizes and I will be a happy bear. So be prepared for lots of health and fitness post. By posting about it will mean that I have to kind of stick to it because, I would be embarrassing to flop in front of the internet. 


  1. I turned 23 this year too and it made me feel very old so I know where you're coming from!
    I'm wanting to lose weight myself so I'd love to watch someone else do it at the same time! It's nice knowing other people are in the same place as you :)



    1. Aw thanks hun... Well hopefully we can be of assistance to each other in the ol' weight loss department. :) Yeah it is always great to feel that you're not on your own. :)

  2. I turned 23 in August and then when I realised I had started uni 5 years ago I felt awful! I don't feel I've achieved as much as I wanted to either :/ Good look with your weight loss also

    1. Thanks!! It feels like a horrible age... like your too old to be acting like a kid but too young to be standing in line for a pension. Odd. :)