F*ck Monday: Addictions

Monday, 15 October 2012

Howdy Everyone,

I'm not quite sure how many times I have to apologise for losing my blogging mojo, I just find that I get the blogging bite and then something happens (slash life just goes by and I am a tad lazy... oops) and I then just don't have the motivation to blog which is odd... I am an odd person though. But I shall be a better blogger... I promise :) SInce it has been so long I thought I would share with you what I am loving and not loving at the moment.

Five Things That I Am Loving:

Pinterest: I signed up to this ages ago and never really used it or paid much attention to it, mainly because I didn't really know how to use it. I don't make any of my own pins but I love re-pinning all sorts on there and then looking over my boards. I literally can spend hours on this.  

Hay Day: My second ipad guilty pleasure is this game, I blame it entirely on essiebutton for mentioning it in one of her videos. I have got my Dad and Boyfriend addicted too (we're on level 32 incase you're wondering :P) Oh basically you build up your own farm and sell produce and yeah it is addictive!! 

Internship: I have just started an internship at my DREAM job... I will be instagram my outfits everyday which makes a change for me as I never do body shots. I wish my desk looked like the one above instead of covered in papers and all sorts. 

Lush: I received so much Lush stuff for my birthday that I was over the moon. I love it... and now to top it off they have all their little Christmas bits and bobs in. If I was a millionaire/just really rich I would just buy everything in the store. 

Winter: I never thought that I was a winter gal but I really am... there is nothing more that I enjoy than snuggling in bed drinking copious amounts of tea with bourbon biscuits and watching Come Dine With Me on repeat. Snoods, gloves, thick socks and dark nights... Bliss. Oh and Christmas and PENGUINS......... WAH!! 

Five Things That I Am Not Loving:

Being Poor: One of the negatives to interning for at the dream job, is that I am not actually earning. And with no helping hand from my lovely student loan, I am proper pulling in my belt. Thrifty tips are welcome? :)

My Skin: It is driving my crazy... Okay, I am going to admit that I'm lazy and don't always do what I should when taking my make-up off. But since I have changed my contraceptive pill my skin has gone crazy in break outs.  I have the skin like a thirteen year old. I wish I could look like Barbie. 

Illness: It is no secret to you frequent readers of mine that I have been through my fair share of illness especially recently. Somethings don't seem to be getting that much better which is dragging me down but I am trying to get forget about it and hopefully it will go away... fingers crossed! 

Food:  WHY DO I ONLY LIKE FOOD WHICH IS BAD FOR ME???? :( enough said! 

Laziness: I am massively lazy and because I have been ill and had SO much time on my hand that instead of being efficient and getting things done... I did the opposite and did nothing. I think I am snapping out of it which a bit of lucky :) 

What are you loving or hating at the moment?? :)

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  1. How addictive is Pinterest!? I'm glad Snow Fairy is back at LUSH :)

    The Style Rawr!