Empties #6

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dove Go Fresh, Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Deodrant - 250ml £1.72 - This is my favourite deodrant by far and I love the fact that you can smell it on your skin for ages and that it does the job and it does it really well!
Will Repurchase - I would have a few of them dotted around my world but I am trying to use up other products - hopefully they finish up soon!

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - 300ml £9.50 - I'm just preparing myself to make a really grand statment about this product... and that is that this is possibly one of my favourite products. I love the smell, the texture and what it does to my skin not to mention the packaging and the brand as a general. It leaves my skins beautiful soft and smells AMAZING.
Will Repurchase - I already had one in the cupboard just in case (forever forbid) that I would run out and not have a replen pot. I can't wait for Christmas because this is a usual staple present in my stocking!

Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak - 250ml £5.50 - With Sanctuary products it is all about the scent for me really, there is just something about the smell of their products which just makes me take a deep breath and absorb it with a big relaxing "ahhhhhmmmm". This bath foam is my favourite for when I am going through really stressful periods because I find that it helps me sleep easier at night.
Will Repurchase - Just because it is a rescue remedy for me and I can't afford to spend £4 on Lush products for every bath (considering I have them 3-4 times a week) 

Nivea Soft Refreshing Soft Moisturising Cream - 75ml £2.45 - A thick and creamy texture and it is senstive enough to put on all of your body. Though I find that it is unsuitable for my face because it doesn't sink in and makes my skin oily. Good for the hands but again you can't be using them straight after as it doesn't sink in quickly.
Won't Repurchase - Mainly because it is Okay, there isn't much that I liked or dislike about it. 

Percy & Reed Moisturising Conditioner - 100ml £8 - This works better when left on the ends on the hair for a few minutes like a quick mask rather than using it a standard conditioner. It smells nice and the formula is good a detangling hair though be weary of putting too near the roots other it will be oily and you need to make sure you wash it out properly as it takes a little more effort than some conditioners.
Might Repurchase - It was nice enough to make my hair smooth but I love testing around different hair conditioners to find GREAT products but this was good. 

The Body Shop Mattifying Foundation Shade 04 - 8g £14 DISCONTINUED - Eurgh this product is horrid, I'm not quite sure why or what made me choose this product. The product is too thick and cakes onto your skin, it gravitates to oily or dry patches so then it looks blotchy. The colour seemed to change and the packaging is vile and the sponge applicator absorbed too much of the make-up.
Won't Repurchase - Read above... Enough said.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry - 250ml £2.50 - Okay so the Lush Dry Shampoo is actually my favourite at the moment but you couldn't carry it around in your bag. I actually quite like the scent of this one because I haven't been keen on many of the others. It is a beauty essential and a quick fix!
Will Repurchase - I generally like batiste and it is so handy to have in your handbag and gym bag :) You can never have enough in my eyes. 
Overall a pretty positive empties post :)


  1. Ooh I really want to try the Breakfast Scrub, it sounds absolutely amazing! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. I love dry shampoo! And soap and glory- I need to try the breakfast scrub, never heard of that one before!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog- love yours. Newest follower :)
    Daniella x


  3. I love Batiste, it's such a life saver! I haven't tried the Breakfast Scrub, but Pulp Friction from Soap&Glory is my favourite scrub! xx


  4. thank you so much for your comment baby. i hope you will like the new look i will upload in hours , and if you like...you can follow me


  5. Great post! Some lovely items here. I would love to try the Sanctuary bath soak


  6. This is a great post idea! Breakfast Club does sound great.


  7. Yummm Batiste Cherry must smell soooo delicious!

  8. Ah the lovely breakfast scrub, sooo need another tub of this!

  9. I really want to try the breakfast scrub!!! :)


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  11. Great post!

    p.s have you entered my MAC giveaway?xo

  12. this post is so nice and the pics are beautiful! love it!

    a big kiss


  13. I love anything soap and glory!!!! Great post! Xx

  14. I need to pick up the breakfast scrub!

  15. Love empties posts. I'm really keen to try the Breakfast scrub, it looks so lovely x

  16. definitely want to try the batiste cherry dry shampoo (especially if it smells nicer than the others!) and the breakfast scrub! :) x

  17. I love batiste! Best dry shampoo I ever tried, the only one that actually works!


  18. I really want to try the breakfast scrub! I have the cherry batiste, smells so good!


  19. I think breakfast scrub is my favourite thing in the world it smells divine! xxx

  20. love your blog already! been lusting after the breakfast scrub for so long, and i was wondering which bastiste to try next - think you may have convinced me on the cherry one :)