Liebster Award

Thursday, 23 August 2012
Hey, so this is another tag I got tagged in by Eleanor from Porcelain Eleanor which I love because I always find these things fun to do. The award is basically about "discovering new blogs and helping those with less than 200 followers to get recognised." and here are the Rules:  1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
                 2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.
                 3. Create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
                 4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in this post.
                 5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
                 6. There's no tag backs.

11 Things about me:

*** I have just graduate from university studying Journalism and Creative Writing
*** I have an unhealthy obsession with penguins
*** I love putting my headphones on and dancing around my bedroom
*** I am probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet
*** I have over three years worth of Glamour magazine back issues
*** I used to go to theatre school up to the age of 14
*** I loving writing lists and making plans (but never seem to follow through with them)
*** I have a ginger boyfriend who I adore
*** I still live with my parents
*** I am addicted to Eastenders, One Tree Hill and Made In Chelsea
*** I love to eat... which isn't always a good thing.

Eleanor's 11 questions:

1. What is the one beauty product you couldn't leave the house without? Mascara, because I have fair lashes, I look weird without anything on them 

2. Where do you get your style inspiration? Lauren Conrad... she is my absolute idol

3. What is the number one beauty item and number 1 fashion item on your wish list? Beauty item -- would be the new YSL touché of éclat foundation and fashion item would 
be a Chanel handbag. 

4. Your favourite high street shop for accessories? River Island

5. What is/was your favourite subject at school? Art

6. Who is your favourite beauty/fashion you tuber/blogger? Blogger -- Lily from and Youtuber -- Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup 

7. Your favourite magazine to read? Zest

8. Describe you style? I'm not sure... I'm a little bit of everything really. I would like to be more edgy and rocky. 

9. If you were to change your hair in any way, how would you have it? I would have it longer and lighter blonde with dip dyed in baby pink. 

10. Describe your signature make up look? Neutral, dewy skin, bronzer, eyeliner (little flick), long lashes and either nude or red lips. 

11. What colour lipstick are you always attracted to? Red... it is the Marilyn in me. 

My 11 tag questions:

1. Where do you get most of your style inspiration from?
2. What is your key holiday essential beauty product?
3. If you could have anyone's life who would it be?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?
5. What and where is your favourite restaurant?
6. How often do you exercise/ gym if at all?
7. How much water do you drink a day?
8. What beauty item makes you feel the best?
9. How do you do your hair if it's playing up?
10. What is your handbag beauty essential?
11. If you could own any possession what would it be?

The Beautiful Bloggers I'm tagging:

Kathryn from happykbo
Anette from livingtherepurposefullife
Lauren from laurenlovesmakeup
Emily from thebeautymist
India from howilikemypancakes
Georgia from Georgiabeee
Christy from anotherweekenedwithoutmakeup
Jennifer from thebigburd
Joanna from mintyessence 
Charlotte from j'adore
Laura from Iisforladybird

Enjoy the Tag girls :)


  1. I'm also obsessed with to-do list... Its good to be organised, right? ;)

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  3. thanks for tagging me! :)

  4. thank you for tagging me! :D x

  5. Thanks for tagging me - my post is now up on my blog. I really enjoyed reading your answers, moreover, I haven't told you, how much I like your blog, I read your posts, even when I don't comment :)

    Have a great weekend!