Ardell Lashes - Demi Wispies

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I adore these Ardell Eyelashes, they are my favourite ones for going out for a night in. As I have quite little eyes, thick chunky lashes don't look good on me at all and if they have a thick lash line I find they tend to come off before the night is over. 

Ardell Lashes are available at Boots and Superdrug, the ones I am wearing in this post are for £5.49

The only downside to this product is that I'm not a massive fan of the glue because I don't find it sticky enough. Though on a big positive which doesn't come with many of the high street eyelashes is that it comes with this little box that you can pop your eyelashes back in once you have used them and that means you're not wasting £5.49 every time you wear them. Overall, I just love them. :)

Can anyone recommend any lashes?? I'm an addict!


  1. Hey :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I wanted to reply on your blog just to be sure, you'd see it, but after browsing around for a few seconds, I had to subscribe and stick around! It's really a nice place you have here!

    I love the picture, you look sooo pretty!!! I've never actually tried falsies and have been considering for a while now, specially on a night out, but I'm sort of scared to mess up and look like a clown! I'm petrified to walk around with a half detached, skew or one off-fallen lash :D Any tips?

    My weekend was very nice, thanks, I basically caught up on my sleep yesterday. Taking it easy today too and then it's work, school again etc.

    Hope you had a good one too!

    Thanks for the comment :)

  2. you are s beautiful *_* the lashes looks very natural and nice :)) im glad if you visit my blog, too :))


  3. They definately look natural! You can always use another glue product i suppose, and keep using the lashes if you love them =)

  4. They look gorgeous, I love these type of ones, when they're fluttery and whispy. I hate the really hard ones, they always look so harsh on photos, but these are great xxx

  5. Oh wow, your eyes look lovely! I wish I was able to wear fake lashes, If I wear them I just can't stop blinking for some reason :D

  6. I've heard good things about Velour Lashes and DUO glue seems to be the best for falsies. x


    1. The Demi Whispies look lovely on you, btw!

  7. So pretty! These lashes look really natural which I really like. We're huge fans of Shu Uemura falsies but they are a tad pricey.

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Have you heard or used Duo? I throw all the glues away I get with lashes as I think Duo is the best out there, I got mine in the US but believe that it's available here in the UK now. I agree these lashes are fab, I love mine, I get lots of wears out of them too.

  9. thanks for your lovely comment :) these lashes look gorge on you, it's great they come with a box, I have some and never know where to put them! xx

  10. The Lashes look great!!

    Newest follower! Hope you can check out my newest post on how to get Jessica Albas look and follow back if you like it :)

  11. They look so beautiful and natural. You look gorgeous too. I'm a new follower x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  12. great review! These look really lovely on you and your make-up is super pretty too! :) x