Empties #2

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Here is my second batch of empties - see this post to why I they are so frequent at the moment. :) I'm not superwoman and I'm not slapping my face/body/hair with stupid amounts of products either... just incase you were thinking that :p

Umberto Giannini Calm Curls Shampoo 75ml £1.96 - I brought this on the impression that it will help curl your hair. I don't know where I got this from because the bottle says "Gently calming cleanser to de-frizz and promote smooth glossy curls." I have wavy hair so I thought with this shampoo it could help curl them but it doesn't. This isn't the products fault it is the misconception that I brought it on. Despite the curling fact, I find this shampoo OK. It just cleans the hair and I'm not a fan really. 
Won't Repurchase - Mainly because it isn't appropriate for my hair. 

Natural Collection Passionfruit Shower Gel 75ml Part of a Gift Set - This came in a gift collection of 4 different scented shower gels, I used to use Natural Collection when I was in my early teens. I'm not quite sure why probably because I liked the smell mixed with the packaging. It is a really girly brand and the scents are delicious. My favourite scents are fruity smells, my favourite being coconut :) Nom. This passionfruit gel I probably wouldn't pick up myself but I actually really like the smell, it lasts quite well for a cheaper shower gel. It lathers up loads that you only need a little bit on a shower puffy thing. 
Might Repurchase - I like it enough to repurchase it if I was in the mood for the smell :)

Chanel Precision Demaquillsnt Yeux Intense 10ml Sample - I received a couple of Chanel samples from my friend Megan, who is a huge fan of the brand. As much as I quite liked this eye make-up remover there were a couple of downsides to it. I have pretty sensitive eyes and always find it hard to remove my eye make-up, and considering I don't really wear much apart from the occasional fake eyelashes, I still find it a chore to do. Which is why when I am being lazy I go to sleep with it on (you didn't hear me say it) Anyway back to the product, it isn't harsh on my eyes so luckily no squid eyes, but I find that it does leave an oily residue afterwards. Which if I have to be honest isn't really a problem I would just prefer it not it if I was being picky. The other downside is its price, I know Chanel as a brand is expensive but £21.50 for 100ml I think is a little out of my price range at the moment. 
Would Repurchase -  If I had the money to splash out at the time, but there are cheaper alternatives which I like just as much if not more.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator 5ml Sample - This product made my skin feel like heaven. I'm not quite sure on what the long term effects of this serum would be because I obviously only had a small sample which made my skin feel great but sometimes when my skin gets is used to a product it can either play up or not. 
Repurchase: I'm undecided on how much I love this and probably will end up buying the full size one just for the softness that it gave to my skin. 

Korres Basil Lemon Hand and Body Lotion 10ml Sample - This smell is heavenly to me. I like using it if I have had my shower/bath in the morning rather than at night because the citrus scent gives me an extra boost in the mornings. The lotion sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves my skin feel softer and more radiant (which I was quite shocked at!) I love this product and would recommended it to any citrus lover. 
Repurchase: On the internet it seems that these are discontinued so I'm hoping if I can find them they will definitely be coming home with me.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner 60ml £3 - This is a such a soft and gentle toner, there is nothing really special about it. It doesn't sting, it's cheap and because I brought the mini one it is convenient when travelling or staying over at my boyfriends. It isn't heavily scented and you it lasts for ages. 
Maybe Repurchase: I would purchase it again if I didn't have much money and I needed a cheap toner as this did the job but it is was fabulous. 

Another empties post complete :) 


  1. I love the smell of the Natural Collection shower gel :) x

    1. It is almost edible :) x

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  5. My mom likes using Genifique too.:D

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