F*ck Monday: The Hangover

Monday, 20 August 2012
Hola, so this week has been pretty grim for me, in short I basically had a lump in/on my boob... had a biopsy they didn't like the look of it so they chopped it out and now waiting for my results... ya de ya.

Therefore today I've decided to take inspiration from my boyfriend and focus this topical post on hangover cures especially in the summer. Now I know we haven't had much of a summer this year but these last fews days it has been pretty muggy in London. And last week my boyfriend and I ended up in Hyde Park watching Feeder (big love) and we both over indulged on our poison of choice. I woke up full of beans unlike him on the other hand, to his annoyance I rarely have hangovers where he has only to drink a few pints and that will guarantee a hangover. 

So here are my top tips (aimed more for us ladies):

*** Stock up on water next your bed before you go out so you are prepared for the morning after.

*** Take a cool shower especially in the summer as this will just wake you up and make you feel fresh. 

*** Even if you are on a diet... healthy salads never cure a hangover. Wack the bacon on and have a sarnie if you can't stomach a full fry up (or its calories).

*** Have a mid morning/afternoon nap and if you have to work try and sneak some minutes in on your lunch break. 

*** Just remember your oversized sunglasses, stop that blinding sun and hide those big old bags hanging from under your eyes. 

*** Summer recovery; go for a picnic with your friends... a couple of nibbles, copious amounts of water and sleeping in the shade = bliss.

*** If it is a super bad hangover blend up some bananas for a rich potassium smoothie to replace your body with the goodness it is lacking. 

*** Want to exercise but can't handle the gym? Go swimming as it is all-over body thirst replenishment. 

*** Don't plan too much for the day after the night before, you won't be up for shopping or doing the house work.

*** Finally have painkillers, a mini fan, vitamins and mouth spray at hand all day you don't want to be hunting for the essentials. 


  1. oh hun... sending u hugs! im sure u'll be fine! :)

    hangovers r the devil's work i swear!



  2. Hi lovely! Sending thoughts and hugs your way. Keep us updated!

    On another note...Adore your blog! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! Following you now! xx

  3. Hope everything is okay Lacey! Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
    I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award, details and rules are on my blog. Can't think of anybody who deserves it more. Please have a look at www.oneheelforward.blogspot.com xxx

  4. What a horrible thing to happen to you, I really do have fingers crossed for you and hope you are okay. It's great that you got to see Feeder! Fabulous tips as well, hadn't really thought about bananas - I don't reckon I could manage swimming with a hangover but fair play to those who do! :-) x

  5. Hope everything is okay with you :) My friend had something similar while she was at Uni, and it turned out to be fine so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    These are great tips, although I do try to avoid hangovers these days after a super epic one a few years ago! Put me off for life!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  6. Everything crossed for you. Keep smiling :) xxx