F*ck Monday: Pick Yourself Up

Monday, 27 August 2012

If I'm happy with my friends, family and boyfriend, along with being happy with my job and myself, why do I always need to strive for more? I personally think that we are brought up in a society where we have to do better and have to be the best that we can be. And that isn't always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we can get ourselves into ruts where we aren't happy and struggle to get out of. I have too found myself in this horrible place more than once and in frequent months it has been due to my pill change which has effected the hormone balance and sent me a wee bit off the crazy spectrum. Ya de ya. I have put together my top 10 things to do when I'm in such a low/bad mood which can pick me up no doubt :)

1. Arrange to meet or phone a friend - Basically we spend so much of our time these days on the internet or texting people that we forget we need physically contact with others to make us happy. Even hearing someones voice on the phone and physically speaking can lift your mood. 

2. Dancing around to my iPod - There is nothing that quite beats sticking your earphones in and blocking out of the world with my music up really loud. I love to pretend I am Jessie J or out of a rock band and party it up.

3. Doing a chore - It is probably the last thing that you want to do when you are feeling down and but if you force yourself to do the first one... everything else will fall naturally in to place and you will feel better after for achieving something. 

4. Blogging - Blogging for me is my little world and escapist. The community is such a positive and caring one that it makes me feel instantly great to know that even just one person has read my post for the day :) 

5. Apologising - The hardest thing to do! Though if there is something in the back of your head which is preventing you from moving on with your life and you find yourself continuously worrying about it. Then sometimes if "you be the bigger person" (excuse the cliche) then it can take the burden of what you have done and stop you worrying. No matter how big or small :)

6. Exercise - I have been with my gym for over a year and I go in stages of going and liking it. But that usually last about 2 weeks or so. Luckily my friend has just joined the same gym as me so we're on a motivational boom to get out arses to the gym. Not to get skinny but to have a good balance in our lives.

7. De-Cluttering - Tidy room, tidy mind. It is one of those chores that I always seem to put off for ages but once I start or finish de-cluttering my room I feel like I have spent the day at the spa. I have that "i'm tired but refreshed" feel about myself. There is nothing like being out with the old and in with the new. 

8. Pampering - I don't really have to say much about this apart from the fact that it would just make you feel great, because lets face it who doesn't like a good pampering session. I tend to find that if I feel good about the way I physically feel then I feel like a much positive person. 

9. Cuddling - For me the greatest hugs in the world are the ones from my boyfriend, my dad or my brother. I think there is nothing like a big man hug. Don't get me wrong a little cuddle from my mum or a girly mate makes me feel better but a big man hug and sob... you instantly feel relieved after. :)

10. Painting - This is pure relaxation for me, I love to paint. I draw but I get really frustrated with drawing because it annoys me if my mental image doesn't go right on the paper. Whereas with painting you just let yourself go it is easy and super relaxing :) 

How do you pick yourself up?


  1. I can relate totally. Emotional as I am, picking myself up was a matter of survival, a skill I needed to obtain and I'm getting better at it :)
    Music helps. Cooking helps. My family helps. Shopping helps, if I have the money. Movies help. Books help. Getting geeky honestly helps - I tend to have a long, productive day at school. And most of the things you already mentioned in the list.


  2. I absolutely love this, has cheered me right up! Gorgeous pictures aswell xx


  3. Really lovely post, though I have to say I struggle sometimes to pick myself lately what with my boyfriend of 3 years just deciding to abandon be with no explanation! Meeting friends helps though, always helps to talk through problems :) Oh and a nice cup of tea always makes things better!

  4. Lovely list! am trying to get back into the gym again as well xx

  5. Gorgeous post! I feel I should get this laminated or something haha xxx


  6. i really enjoyed reading this post, now i have new ways to pick myself up! ;)

    p.s. are those mickey mouse waffles? cute and yummy! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  7. This is one of my favourite posts I've read in a while! I'm going to bookmark it and do everything on this list :) xx

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