Summer Self Tanning Plan

Sunday, 17 June 2012

As we are currently enjoying the Great British Summer here in the UK and as there is not chance that I'm going to get a real tan, so a bottle job is probably all it shall be for June. Like most people I do love a tan but I am more of a golden glow over an orange tango look. So from the above products, I don't apply them all at once obviously otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd look like a horrific mess. But I use them all for different purposes on different occasions. 

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner for a Deep Sun-Kissed Look - £5.10 for 250ml

This is perfect for everyday use, and it is create a buildable tan it nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and subtle. It doesn't smell like fake tan but has a strong apricot smell. I do find that if you don't wash your hands afterwards it can leave a certain residue between your fingers, and it looks orange... (not good) but overall it is a pretty darn good gradual tanner. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-Tanning Dry Body Mist (Medium) - £11.69 for 150ml
I'm pretty much a fake tan virgin, I mean I have had a spray tan before but have never used a fake tan myself done by myself - if that makes sense. I have always been scared that I would either come out the wrong colour or go streaky. You don't notice when you first apply this product as the tan doesn't come through until about 2-3 hours after application. It dries pretty much instantly but I tend to do a little wiggle dance before putting clothes on. I do love this and it doesn't wash off completely in the shower however you can get darker areas which is a bit annoying, but they also tend to blend out once you've had a shower. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-Tanning Mousse - £13.99 for 150ml

Now onto the instant tanners - There is a positive, negative aspect of this tanning mousse. The positive being that it doesn't come out really dark from the first application but the negative is that if you want something to be instantly dark then it wouldn't be the right one for you. One thing which I find different from a gel tanner to a mousse tanner is that it smoothes onto your skin lightly and doesn't clog your pores. It gives a lovely light sun kissed colour and doesn't give that "fake" looking tan. It doesn't come completely off in the shower but does fade significantly.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte - £6 for 125ml

This fake tan is for a one night only job; it is easy to apply, it washes off instant and gives a super dark glow. I'm not really a sweaty person (nice for you to know) so it generally doesn't come off, however if you dribble rose down you or it decides to rain... this tan can leave water splats over you, which isn't create when you see the pictures of you the next day. Without any conflicting liquids this fake tan is great - though it does smell like fake tan which is a bit of a bummer. 

Soltan Tanning Mitten - £3.99 
Unfortunately, I didn't have a clean one to photograph so here is my manky one. But this bad boy makes sure that my tan blends in with no harsh lines and smudging. I recommend any fake-tanner to own a few of these as they always come in handy.


  1. Great post! I haven't seen any of these products in the US. D:


  2. Love the garnier summerbody!

  3. great post! going to show it for my sister,she wa slooking for some great "getting brown" products :)

  4. Omg amen to the Garnier summer body! Use it all the time but I have to be ever so careful when I use it. Residue in my fingers is a total nightmare and my friends are forever taunting me about it when I haven't wiped it away properly. And the smell is nice but the other day my mate could faintly smell it when we were standing at a bar and I knew then I'd put too much on! Addiction much.

    Gemma x

  5. Great post Lacey! I'm a fake tan virgin, but I do like using the moisturises that build up a bit of colour over time! I think being so pale I'm worried an instant tan would be too dramatic for me! xo

  6. I've been using fake tan alot more recently. I may have to try some of these xxx

  7. I love Garnier Summer Body but they have definitely changed the formula in recent years which is definitely a good thing as it never used to be as effective as it is now! I didn't know they had a mousse tanner (they're my favourite type) so I'll have to give it a go. xCx