My Eyebrow Routine

Friday, 1 June 2012
The Products

 (L-R) 17 Eye Liner: GOSH Brow Pen: Bourjois Ombre Stretch 


This may seem like an odd post but for years I never use to do much with my eyebrows except tweezer them. I'm naturally fair and I have "slug" eyebrows, as I call them. So I have always been envious of Kiera Knightley's brows and others of the like. I would love to have big brows but sadly I wasn't given them :(. As you can see in the before picture my eyebrows are fair, shapeless and sparse. 

It may look like I use lots of different products but they each have their own role. I use the Benefit Speed Brow for defining the brow hairs and setting them in place. I use the Bourjois Ombre Stretch in 04 Flexi Brown because this has great tones for the body part (the thick bit) of my eyebrow. Then I alternative between the 17 Eye liner pencil in Brown and the GOSH Brown Pen in 004 Wheat for defining the tail bit of my eyebrow (the thinner end). 

I apply the Bourjois Ombre Stretch with my Elizabeth Arden brow angled brush, which I believe is the best angled brush on the market. It is smaller and thinner than most others. In the photo's above I have compared it to the Real Techniques Brow Brush and the visual  differences between them. I have used the Real Techniques before but because my eyebrows are very small (smaller than average) the make-up on the brush smudges above and below the eyebrow and it comes a such a mess. 

The Prep:

Step 1 - In this picture I used the GOSH Brow Pen, whereby I drew the outline of my eyebrow but from only the underneath. Then thickening the line when it reaches the tail end.

Step 2 - On my Elizabeth Arden angled brush and using the Bourjois Ombre Stretch. I flick strokes in different directions on the main body of the brow. The reason for going in different directions is to make it more natural. 

Step 3 - I brush on the Benefit Speed Brow Gel to fix the eyebrow hairs. I stroke the brush upwards and then drag it down the top part of my brow. 

Then I have more defined brows and am ready to go. 

How do you do your brows??


  1. amazing make up , u look very beautiful.

    very beautiful blog.

    would you like to follow each other? let me know.


    The chic and cheap blog

  2. Your eyebrows look lovely! I'm using the HD Brows palette at the moment and I really love it, but the brush it comes with is a bit too big for my liking - that Elizabeth Arden brush looks amazing, must add that to my wishlist!

    Gillian x

    1. Oo I want to try that HD palette. Yeah have a look at that brush it is the best out I could find :) x