F*ck Monday: Jubliee Weekend

Monday, 4 June 2012

We're on the 3rd day of our four day bank holiday weekend here in the UK. With all the Jubilee Celebrations it is a bit of a shame about the weather but hey ho we're British and we solider on. Yesterday I had the greatest 'bum' day ever accompanied by the WORST hangover I have had this year so far. Two years ago I went to Ibiza with a friend and for the whole week we drank Vodka Redbull. Since then I haven't been able to drink it but for some reason on saturday night I obviously thought that I was still a spring chicken until sunday hit and then I realised I'm not. Will be staying clear away from that drink now. 

I don't particularly have much to moan about today... which is a surprise, though I am trying to put some clothes on Ebay and I think too many people are on it and it's crashing, much to my annoyance. So I have a feeling that today is just going to consist of copious amounts of tea and catching up on telly before the pub :P

Happy Monday Little Munches 

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  1. Super jealous of your long holiday. Enjoy it!

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