M&S Make-Up Haul

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

 L-R (Coral - Nude Pink - Orange Fizz) 

I don't know if any of you have been in or pass Marks and Spencers recently they have had a sale and whilst looking in the Men's department for my Father's Day presents I caught my eye on the Make-Up counter sale. I have never used their products before nor have I ever looked at them, but as I'm a big sucker for a sale and bargain so I had a little look and actually found myself a couple of steals. 

1. Perfection Soft Shine Plumping Lip Gloss £2 from £6.50 in Coral - This is my least favourite of all of my products that I brought the colour looks great over a lipstick because when you apply it is quite sheer. 

2. Perfection Colour Intense Lip Lacquer £3 from £8 in Orange Fizz - This is picking up from my love for orange and it is a nice gloss. It does the job. It isn't wow or anything like that but it isn't terrible and for the sale price of it, I think it is good value for money. 

3. Perfection Moisture Lipstick £2 from £6 in Nude Pink - This lipstick is an odd one because I love the colour of it and although it reminds me of my Maybelline one which has a few more frosty tones in than this one. It is unusual on the lips but I'm happy enough with it, it just probably won't become a staple colour in my collection.

4. Perfection Matte Finish Pressed Powder with Shine Control £3.50 from £10 in Medium/Dark - This is another product which again I think is OK, it does its job. I'm not sure about the shine control part as I am not a particularly shiny person so I never have to really worry about that. It doesn't have much staying power and reapplication is vital. 

5. Perfection Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner £2 from £8 in Black - I AM SOOOOOO GLAD I BROUGHT THIS. I literally cannot explain how happy I am that I have found this eyeliner but how sad I am that it was in the sale which means it is probably discontinued. The tip is thick and firm which makes it easy to draw on. The liner is so pigmented and comes out jet black, it doesn't smudge and lasts for hours. If anyone can get your hands on one of these from your local M&S, I would recommend! 

Has anyone been in M&S and got some bargains? 


  1. The Kardashian Kolor collection is available in the UK! I got mine from asos.com (not sure if they're still there) and you can also get them from lenawhite.co.uk :)

  2. Ooh the lipstick looks perfect for summer :) xxx

  3. Ooh, looks like you got some amazing bargains!

    Pip x

  4. I'd never think to go in M&S buy make up, it looks fairly decent though!

  5. I didn't even know M&S did make-up to be honest! Looks like you got some bargains though :) xx

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog lovely :-) I didn't know M&S stocked these brands, what absolute bargains! Wish I'd know about this whilst I was in town :-) xxx

  7. Love the colour of the Orange Fizz gloss! I only managed to get a breif look at the eyeshadows last time I was in M&S, but their new makeup range looks really good :) xx

  8. Oh my gosh, that lip gloss. Actually, all the lip products. I just fell in love!

  9. wow need your make up photo with that stuff ;))
    nice blog, love it!

    kisses from Russia