La Prairie Lip Balm

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I had never heard of La Prairie until my Dad got a couple of bits free on his flight to Abu Dhabi. I got this and a face moisturiser, this lip balm is the best thing to ever touch my lips. It is so nourishing and smooth, is great to put on before bed and throughout the day. It also aids as a good primer for lipsticks too and lip stains which I find tend to seep into the cracks of my lips. However with this they don't seem too which is a bonus! Now I can't find this product anywhere online and I have spent ages searching for it. I know Harrods in London stock the brand and it is extremely expensive so I'm not quite sure if I could afford to purchase a full size. Their lip products which they are currently stocking range from £42 through to the middle 100's. That's quite hefty for the product, anyway I just wanted to let you all know how amazing I think this product is and I'm so excited when my Dad is luckily given more. But if anyone knows where I can get it from I would be so thankful :)

Happy Saturday 

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