F*CK Monday: Drunk Texting

Monday, 10 December 2012


So this Monday's post is due to my embarrassment of the weekend. I haven't been out for a while as you will know if you saw my last post and well lets just say, a couple of drinks... multiplied into a lot. And the problem with this is that when Lacey gets drunk... Lacey likes her phone and she likes to txt people. My messages are normally good natured. My last stint of drunk texting consisted of me messaging a bunch of people who were in my phone book (about 25-30) asking 'how they were and what was new?' - which I doubt was appreciated at 2.30am. I'm pretty sure, the only thing that went through my mind is oohh I wonder how people are who I haven't seen recently... ooops!

Then I have the over emotional best friend drunk messages. But luckily they are to my best friends who know me and don't judge me. I have the best best friends, to put up with me - I just can't help wanting to spread the drunk love. Ooops

What I have done:

* I deleted all my messages before I could read them as they embarrass me too much
* Txt people who replied - apologise but make fun of yourself (unless you have really offended someone)
* Keep telling yourself to not do it again - be strict.
* Try not too worry too much :) 

Is anyone else guilty of this crime? 


  1. I think we are all guilty of this, great post though!

    Efia @ effytalkslife.blogspot.com


    1. haha. It is always a mare in the morning. x

  2. I don't drink, so I haven't been in that kind of situation before - but I suppose they make good stories, since my sister tells me hilarious drunk stories all the time.

    1. I think I need to not drink. It isn't cool that morning dread :)


  3. Many a drunk night, many a drunk text or phonecall :p The pics made me laugh!!



    1. haha!! tis always a classic :) x

  4. Hahahah I love reading text like that in the morning and I just laugh. Normally I don't text people when I'm out, but they start to text me. So i'm just replying ;) xo