Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lush - Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask - £5.95

Well, the first thing that I am going to say is that, I look fit in this mask. Haha. Not. However, this is my favourite face mask by far from Lush. It is so soothing and smells great. Firstly there is one new trick that I have discovered with the applications of these masks and that is to lathering it on with an old foundation brush. This stops the product caking up your hands and getting everywhere. With the Lush masks they have to go in the fridge as they are fresh. This also makes them really cold and refreshing when you first put them onto your skin. I then leave it on for around 15minutes when I gentley exfoliate the mask off. I then rinse with a muslin cloth to make sure that no remains of the mask are left behind. 

I have tried around 6-7 different face masks from Lush, because I am a little obsessed, however this Catastrophe Cosmetic has to be my favourite. I have combinational and blemish proned skin. I find that the blueberries calm any redness around my spots and when I exfoliate it into my skin, I feel that the mask cleanses deep into my pores. I always find that the morning after using this, that my face looks and feels a lot clearer and my make-up smooths onto my skin better too! 

I personally think that the mask isn't too expensive for what it is - true, that they don't last long but I think that is just the problem you face with a fresh mask. I personally don't mind it really as my skin enjoys have the freshness on it. :)

What is your favourite Lush mask?


  1. i'm currently using the cosmetic warrior face mask but in general i love how soft my face feels after using any of lushes masks, i've yet to try this one though! x

  2. great review. I think I'm going to try this one out :)


  3. Ooh, I so wanna try this! It's always great finding a new mask that works really well :)


  4. I will try the cleanser Dark Angels!


  5. i've only ever tried the chocolatey one (can't for the life of me remember the proper name) nice tip with the foundation brush, good idea! x

  6. Nice review. For my face I only use Lush products, they´re just the best :)

  7. I love the idea of putting the actual product in the fridge before hand so it goes on cold! Ahhh, sounds so nice! I've been needing to try Lush products for a while now! This will probably be on my list when I decide to finally do a haul. Your blog is so cute, following!

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  8. I do that trick too. Before when I don't have a face mask brush yet, I use my old foundation brush to apply my face masks. Does a pretty neat job! :D

  9. I have never used a Lush mask but gonna try it now after your post:) Just always have a bath stone with vanilla taste. So amazing the sparkling one :)

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  10. i should try this too!! i just finished my cupcake mask! :D

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  11. This looks like something I should try. I love face masks and how your face feels so great afterwards.

    Now following you!

  12. I love your blog pop over to mine sometime