My Top 3 Bargain Lip Balms

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I'm not really a lip balmy girl... I'm more a fan of lip balms/lip sticks like the Revlon Lip Butters. I'm quite lucky also to not have overtly chapped lips so I never really need the balms. However, as the winter months draw in I do find myself reaching for the old lip pots. Though this year I have found myself becoming more aware of the germiness of using finger pots... hmm... I'm on the fence on the debate whether they are good or not.

Vaseline - Rosy Lips - £2 I love this because I really like lip balms with a tint, this runs smoothly over my lips and I feel that it is great for nourishing them. It doesn't particularly smell that great - it don't get that wow smell effect. I don't find it great on crazily dry lips either but a good handbag balm. 

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy - £2 (can no longer get because a Christmas exclusive) This is my ultimate gem of a lip pot, I try to use it sparingly as I adore the smell and everything. It is slightly tinted and has a soft glittery shimmer running through the balm which is lovely on your lips. It smells out of this world too. 

Carmex - Lip Pot Original - £2.69 Carmex is a beaut for the days when nothing is rescuing your lips. If they are dry and sore this lip balm with kiss your lips and melt away of all the dry flakiness of winter. I find that it smells medicated which puts me off and also convinces me that it does some good. 

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