Mark Hill Beautiful Blonde

Friday, 21 September 2012

Mark Hill Beautiful Blonde Collection

Highlight Reflective Shampoo
Highlight Reflective Conditioner 
Fabulous Finish Hairspray
Diamond Shine Spray 

I received this as a gift at Christmas and surprise surprise I have only just got round to reaching for these because like most girls who are obsessed with beauty products people just find little set easy to buy as presents. And I love it, it gives me a chance to try products which I never had picked up myself. 

This Mark Hill Collection was one of them and to be honest I am pretty gutted that they have rebranded and don't have any similar alternative. The shampoo and conditioner smells great, it has lemon juice in it which brings out the brightness in the highlights that I have. The conditioner isn't as nourishing as I would like it to be for blonde hair, as I find on the whole that blonde hair is really dry. 

The shine spray has also they same pointers as when I curl my hair I generally find that hairspray can make my hair look frazzled at the ends and I don't really need it as my hair holds curls quite well (i think it's because it is like a bush. haha) but the shine spray really loosens the curls and makes them look softer and more natural. I also found that in the sun it really made my hair look really conditioned and shiny without appearing greasy. I know it is better to have a product that doesn't just cover up dry dull hair but actually nourishes it except sometimes a quick fake job tends to help for a night. 

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