Day to Night Lips: Maybelline

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Because you can't see the lips that well I did a close up.

Maybelline are one of my favourite make-up brands around at the moment. I purchased these two lipsticks almost six months ago and at the time I worn the red one to death on every night out. Then you know how it is, I lost interest in it because obviously I brought a new lipstick (probably a red one) which replaced the current fave. These are pretty much bipolar opposites of the colour spectrum. And I love both of them, but it didn’t start out that way.

They retail at £6.99 in Boots

530 Fatal Red: Is from the Colour Sensational range and it has a hint of vanilla in the scent which I love. It kind of reminds me of the smell that make-up had when I was a child. It has a creamy consistency and glides onto even chapped lips and sits nice. The colour does last quite a while however it tends to fade outwards towards the lip line which is a little frustrating as if you leave it too long then it gives you a weird “I look like I am only wearing lip liner” look. Which isn’t cool. The colour tone is quite strong and what I tend to call a post box red. I don’t think it has either browner or pinker tones. Though I have found recently that my hands have been gravitating towards to colour again. 

832 Kiss Pearl: Now this is from the Colour Sensational range and in the shop I loved it. I thought it was such a gorgeous and super girly colour. However, when I got home and put it on my lips I found that it was far too grainy for my liking. Along with that it drained my complexion and I kinda of looked like I had silver lips – something that I’m not quirky enough to pull off. I tried it again not so long ago and I thought to myself “Why on earth did I never like it in the first place?” I loved it. The weather was hot outside and I had a nice summer glow to my skin with this lipstick and my black maxi dress. I felt that I was on form. I’ve have put this in my collection of things that I can only use when I have a tan.

Does anyone else feel that they have a selection of products that they can only wear at a certain time of the year? Have you tried either of these lipsticks? 


  1. gorgeous colours!

  2. Beautiful colours!! I love your hair <3

  3. I absolutely love the colors. Specially the red! When you get a chance I'd love it if you could check out my blog, I'm recently new to blogspot.

    Xaimarys ♡

  4. I love the pink one, the red looks amazing on you(:
    Paige xo

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  6. Oooh both of these lipsticks look beautiful:) I'll have to keep an eye out for them xx