Empties #4

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So my empties keep stacking up so much... I haven't posted about them in ages and I like to write these posts because it lets me keep track of things that I like and I don't like because when I am in a store or in front of a sales assistant I will buy anything that looks pretty and shiny and claiming to turn me into a Victoria Secrets Model. Witty I know.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 60ml £3 - I had this phase where everything that I brought was from The Body Shop. I remember one day picking up this little bottle because I was going to stay at a friends and needed something small, and I'm not a fan of make-up wipes as I have sensitive eyes. Now expecting that this was Camomile this would be fine on my eye however, it stung so badly that it felt like it was making my eye blister. I also had to rub hard to removed it all off and it didn't shift waterproof mascara off.
Won't Repurchase - I think the fact that it stung so much just says that I won't be getting it.

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Jet Set Hair Care Kit  2x75ml 1x20ml £19.99 - I really wanted to try all of these products and I was so happy when these came as a small version in a pack and for half the price. However, I know it probably wasn't as cost effective because of the size/value ratio but I love trying out new products.  
Will Repurchase - My favourite part of this trio is the Elasticizer, it was like heaven on my hair. I now understand the hype behind this product and I will probably be repurchasing until a new product this good comes out. The purple shampoo and conditioner was good but I'm not particularly sure if they worked for toning down the yellowness, but it was a goody as a general shampoo and conditioner. 

Nivea Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Daily Scrub 150ml £4.99 - The formula of this product was odd, it was gloopy and thick and felt like it had table salt grains in it. It was meant to be a scrub but it didn't feel like it, it just felt scratchy on my skin. The product didn't particularly smell nice and it didn't seem to do anything on my skin except make it look rashy and irritated. 
Won't Repurchase - I hated this. It was horrible on my skin and didn't do anything. 

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub 300ml £7 - I like this product enough that I would use it again but I do prefer the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub as it is my favourite. The downside of this is that it can leave an oily residue on your skin which really annoys me. I don't mind it on my legs but I hate it when it is on the rest of my body. 
Might Repurchase - I liked this product but didn't love it and I prefer the Breakfast Scrub - but I would still always use it.

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll On 15ml £9.99 I think with this product, I was expected too much. You know we always do it, when a product is hyped up so much you always expect amazing things and when it doesn't work the way you wanted it... it kind of flops. That's what happened... it kind of left a gloopy mess underneath my eyes which dried sticky... annoyingly.
Won't Repurchase - I didn't get the hype with this product and really didn't rate it. I have heard good things about the one will concealer so will possible will try this. 


  1. Ive always wanted to try the soap and glory flakeaway but i might try the breakfast scrub now, great post!:)

  2. I love love the breakfast scrub! I really want to try the Elasticizer but seems a tad pricey for me at the moment :/

  3. keep seeing such good reviews of the Elasticizer, i think i'll have to get my hands on it! x

  4. I like the flake away scrub but I agree with that it leaves oil on your skin so not great before fake tanning. I disagree about the PK elasticizer as it did nothing for my hair and there are much cheaper treatments that did a better job for me! x