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Friday, 27 July 2012

As many of my frequent readers will have gathered is that I am the biggest worrier in the world of worriers. To much of the annoyance of my friends, family and boyfriend, me stressing so much isn't the nicest quality. I must admit in my ripe old age of 22, I am trying to stress less and laugh more. Here are a few activities which generally keep my smiling for days and sometimes months. 

 * My first one is karaoke, okay I appreciate that this kind of thing isn't going to everyone's cup of tea (excuse the cliche). But honestly there is nothing more mood uplifting for me than getting on the karaoke with my girly friends or in a couple of past cases my Dad - and singing at the top of my voice. Mind you I have normally had a cocktail or three in me. My karaoke classics range from I kissed A Girl by Katy Perry (where my friend and I won karaoke - a proud moment), then when in Mexico with my parents and boyfriend we sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen much to the whole bars annoyance as it is such a long song but a very funny moment and then I have dabbled in many different songs. Oh the recollections are beautiful. Haha. 

 * Acting like a child again, so doing lots of things like making cakes, painting or playing a sport can take away the sting of adult life. I am lucky enough to have a lot of little cousins so I am forever using them as a excuse to behave like a child again.

 * Now for my more 'adult' activities such as writing my stresses down or planning so I have less time to think about things. When my body is distracted by doing something my brain follows. Though I am thinking about taking up Yoga to keep mind balance... But we'll see. 

 * Doing lunch especially in the summer is great, filling up on fish (rich in Omega-3) with lots of mood balancing foods such as broccoli, sweet potato, nuts and eggs which are all filled with Vitamin B's. Healthy brain food is the way forward :) 

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