Empties #1

Wednesday, 25 July 2012
In the next coming months I will be doing more empties posts than the average person. Now this isn't because i'm trolling through every beauty product that I own but I have hundreds of mini products and a quarter full ones that need to be used up. I'm also on a mission to minimise my spending and with me using up all my old products and saving up some money on the way. 

This is my first batch of empties... they are all mini's or samples. I am addicted to buying smaller versions of products over the larger ones despite the larger ones being more cost effective. Another reason is that I get bored easily and like to change up things and it might be because I also like buying products so if I buy smaller ones I get through them quicker hence needing to go shopping more. Ooops! 

The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover 60ml £3 - As far as gentle eye make-up removers go this isn't gentle. I couldn't continuously use this everyday as my eyes wouldn't had been able to take the sting. I'm not sure whether the formula reacted with my mascara which caused it to sting or whether it is just harsh. I just hated it really and used it up for taking my general make-up off and not using it near my eyes. And it was helpful for cleaning make-up marks off my dressing table... despite the purpose :p
Won't Repurchase - Unless I want squid eyes every morning.  

Toni & Guy Firm Hold Hairspray 50ml £2.50 - My favourite thing about this item is that the lid stays on... You wouldn't believe the amount of products that I stop using because the lid falls off - especially if they are handbag size because that annoys me. The packaging is pretty basic and it 'does what it says on the tin' kinda of hairspray. Nothing special or wow though it does smell quite nice too. 
Might repurchase - I like this product enough to repurchase it as it held my hair well but it isn't the best one and I would probably rather chop and change my hairspray until I find one I adore. 

Handpicked Hotels Shampoo 60ml Free - I was given this when my friend Megan and I went to a spa day for our birthdays last year. Instead of buying each other presents we had a salt scrub and back massage - it was beautiful. I'm not sure I could repurchase this shampoo even if I wanted too, it had a fresh 'spa' scent to it. It felt quite clarifying for my hair and had the 'squeaky clean' effect and I know all shampoos should clean your hair but some still feel like they are in your hair even after you've washed it out. 
Unable to repurchase

Charles Worthington Front Row Blonde Dry Shampoo 50ml £1.99 - I like the idea of this product firstly and if I had any hair colour other than blonde then it would be great. It is dry shampoo with a touch of colour so the dry shampoo blends into your hair colour easier. The reason why I don't think it was such a great idea for blonde is that I find the standard (whitey) dry shampoos to be just as effective for me. I find that the dry shampoo lays thick on my scalp more than others that I use. 
Won't repurchase - I won't be re-buying this mainly because a generic dry shampoo suits me better. 

Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Make-Up Remover 30ml Sample - This works in a similar way to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, the product has the same texture too. Though you don't need a muslin cloth to remove. I was not impressed with the product and I am a huge fan of Estee Lauder skin care. I can't work out whether the cleanser has a scent or not... but either way that is the biggest dislike to this product. 
Won't Repurchase  - Aside from the fact that I personally don't like this product, I think it is really over priced for what it is. 

Clinique Moisture Surge 30ml Sample - I think that I got this in Glamour last year, or at least the last time they did their Clinique giveaway. Up until a few months ago, I thought that I had dry skin and always went for heavy mositurisers and never particularly liked them. I now know why and it is because I have combinational skin and I tend to only get flaky dry skin on my nose... which I hate. I think this Clinique cream is okay, it sinks into the skin well but it doesn't have a smell to it and i'm a sucker for something which has a fruity/citrus/fresh smell. 
Won't Repurchase - Just because I think it isn't wow enough for a facial moisturiser and it doesn't seem to have an SPF in it which is a must for me. 

Lancome Visionnaire Skin Corrector 5ml Sample - I loooove this, I'm currently using Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Serum, however even though I have only tried this 5ml sample I prefer it. Visionnarie keeps my skin so beautifully smooth and clear, it helps keep blackheads at baby which is odd as a couple of serums I have used in the past have clogged my pores. 
Repurchase - I will be definitely buying a new one when my current serum runs out unless I find a better one before that... As I still have a couple of Clarins and Chanel samples to use.

The Body Shop Lip Butter 10ml £4 - I can't remember what flavour lip butter this one was all I remember is that I brought it a couple of years ago and it was one of their charity ones and I think it could had been guava but I am possibly making that up. Either way as most Body Shop lip butters do it smelt amazing and left my lips feeling nourished. And for a 10ml pot it has taken me years to get through that I thought this day would never come. 
Repurchase - I think next one that I will buy will be the coconut one because that is my current favourite smell. 


  1. Lol, what are squid eyes?! You should try Botanics All bright eye make up remover, really nice and currently on offer in Boots!x

    1. It is when you have rubbed your eyes so much and they are stingy and swell like a squid. lol. Oooo I love a bit of Boots. Gonna check that out tomorrow :) x