F*ck Monday: Goals for the Next Month

Monday, 30 July 2012

As we are slowly seeping into August (where has this year gone?!) I thought that I would share this post which seems to be flying around the blogging world. It is Louise's aka Sprinkle of Glitter  new tag/trending post where you state 7 goals of yours for the following week... I'm going to do mine for the month. I have seen loads of these post and it has really inspired me to get off my butt and sort some of my bits out (without sounding too rude :P). So here is my 7 goals:  

Gym :: I need to get my wobbly butt to the gym... Now money is becoming tight, I need to prove to myself that there is a reason why I am spending £50 a month on a gym membership. 

Sell :: I have copious amounts of clothes and things that I know longer need or want to sell on Ebay. 

Review :: I keep thinking that I have nothing to blog about but I have collected so many items over the past couple months which I haven't giving any air time too on my blog and that's a bit silly really. I feel like I'm keeping them from you all. 

Film :: I might be tempted to branch into YouTubing, I love watching peoples videos and I think I'd like to make my own but I am a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to things like that. I think people can be too judgement and that's what scares me. 

Relax :: Since my graduation on Thursday many people are telling me that I should be enjoying my last summer of freedom before I have a full time job (as I only have a part time one at the moment) however, I always think that you need money to have fun. But no, I'm gonna spend sometime relaxing over the next few weeks until I start my work experience at a magazine in September :)

Pamper :: With my saving and selling process, I have accumulated lots of beauty products which I think with the amount that I have, I should be the most beautiful person ever (haha, I know it doesn't work like that) but I need to put some of my products into practice. Operation use up before buying. 

Hunt :: Like I said above, I do have a job, but it isn't in the field that I want to be in. So I am on a hunt for a job/ an internship which will push me onto my career path!

If anyone else has done this tag on their blogs, link me as I love to read them :)

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