What's In My Gym Bag?

Sunday, 13 January 2013
Since starting to go back to the gym, I have been looking around seeing what people take to the gym with them. Now 9 times out of 10 when I go to the gym I have a swim afterwards or at least go in the Jacuzzi or the Steam Room. So it might seem like I take a lot of bits to the gym but I pretty much use them all most times. I also have 3 different "kits" like what I wear to the gym but the one that I am posting is my favourite!

Adidas Pink & Grey Sports Bag - I think that having the right bag for the gym is key, it helps you remember everything you need. This Adidas one is perfect for me, it is big enough for all the bits that I need. There are many compartments to this bag, on the outside you have one large pocket which is designed for trainers, it has air holes in it to stop your trainers from making your bag smell and it also keeps them separate from all your cleans bits. On the other side there is a zip section where I normally put my car keys, gym card, padlock and phone. Inside the bag there is an attached purse where I keep a little bit of money never more than £10 because I rarely take my purse to the gym unless I am going out straight after. There is also little pockets inside, one where I keep all my ladies things, just in case, the other I don't really use. And there is a place to hold a water bottle.
Nike Pink Dry Fit Running Top - I have only started to realise the importance of a good kit. I used to just chuck on a baggy t-shirt and some tracksuit bottoms/leggings. Now while I hate the way I look in this top as it isn't the most flattering. The material is light, it doesn't get caught up when  I am exercising and it allows my skin to breathe which helps with reducing spots. I love these tops - you can get this one here.

Marks & Spencer's High Impact Sports Bra  - This is an oldie and a favourite of mine. I have large boobs (36GG) so then need strapping down as best as they can. I struggle getting good fitting bras let alone good fitting sports bras. The high impact range from M&S are really good. The one I have isn't wired and has a racer style back - the current ones that they stop are underwired. I have never had an underwired sports bra, so I am not sure if they are better or not...?

Nike Dry Fit Running Capri's - I think these are third in the list of importance of when you need to make sure you get a good fit (first being trainers, second being sports bra). These trousers allow you to move around, they stay up and they are well fitted. They are breathable and tight - like I don't like how I look in them because I feel that my arse is huge in them. You can get this here - they come in lots of different colours

Nike Trainers - These are light and comfy. I was wearing plimsolls at one point and one of the instructors from my class said that I will end up with really bad knee problems. After buying these, it made such a difference with my workout, so I recommend getting some well fitting trainers. Mine are actually Men's ones - I have only just realised but I am a size 7 so I guess it is easy to make.

Puma White Trainer Socks -  I love these ones, they don't slips under my feet and they are cheap enough to buy in bulk as I usuallyly wear them out.

Adidas Black Swimsuit -  I received this for Christmas, after a year of wearing a purple one where I resembled Barney. With this when swimming I don't have to worry about anything falling out and it is pretty flattering too. I have mine with white stripes.

Topshop Flip flops - Just for when walking around the pool area and when using the showers, you never know what nasties are on the floor.

3 x Towels - I big beach towel for showering, a small one for my hair and a face towel for wiping down the machines after use.

Swimsuit Bag - I bought this is Primark, it is a bikini bag, but is great for putting a wet swimsuit in.

Hair Brush - Paddle brushes are my favourite as I have super knotty hair. I use this one from The Body Shop.

Body Spray - I am using Impluse Very Pink, I always worry that if I take perfume the bottle with brake but this body spray does the job whilst I am in the gym.

Iphone - I have only recently got an iPhone and it is great for the gym. I keep track of my excercising and progress whilst keeping myself occupied. I will be doing a blog post of my favourite diet/fitness apps and motivation.

Headphones - The new ones for the iPhone 5 aren't the best but I am using them at the moment until I can find a good alternative. They have a great sound quality but tend to move/fall out of my ears whilst I am excercising. 

Gym Card - I am a member of Virgin Active, and I couldn't recommend this gym more. The people are lovely, it has great equipment, gym classes and offers great advice. The facilities are always clean and tidy! If you have one local I would check them out, the best gyms I have seen in my area.

Padlock - I need this for my locker at my gym, it is my own personal one. 

Toilertry Bag - My one is from Primark a few years back now, it is great for the gym as it is waterproof and has two sections and can be hung up whilst keeping all your bits dry.

Body Wash - I used Happy Hippy by Lush it has a citrus fragrance and is great at revitalising after a work out. This is my favourite shower gel ever!

Body Scrub - I am using up an old Botanics one which they no longer stock.

Body Sponge - Just to get off any excess skin, I use The Body Shop Lily.

Shampoo - Essential, using one up from Christmas. I don't rate it at all!

Conditioner - Essential, using one up from Christmas. I don't rate it at all!

Wide Tooth Comb - Helps when I am conditioner to detangle my hair.

Face Scrub - I love this face scrub, I am a lover of the original St Ives scrubs but this warming one feels great on the skin and sort of spa-esq. It is St. Ives Elements Warming Scrub.

Deodorant - Need I say anymore. I am currently using up my Dove Beauty Finish Roll On.

Body Moisturiser - After sweating in the gym, then going swimming and then showering, my skin needs its moisture being replaced. I am using up my mini Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, I prefer fruity scents but as this is a mini, I am just using it up!

Face Wipes -  I always wipe my face after a workout, I have blemish proned skin and I try to limit this by cleaning my face regularly. I am currently using Johnsons Cleasning Wipes for Combination Skin

Face Cream -Just because I use wipes, I want to rehydrate my skin. I am currently using The Body Shop's Aloe Day Cream as it is light and gentle on my skin, also soothes redness. 

Tissues - Again just incase you need one, I have had a cold recently so these have been essentials.

Lip Balm - My current favourite is the Nivea Caramel Creme, it is so soft on my lips.

Hair Bands & Kirby Grips - You never know when you need these they always come in handy and I leave them in my little black zippy pot/bag

Water -  I tend to take a bottle from home and just refill as much as I need at the gym.

What's in your gym bag? 


  1. Wowie that's a lot haha! But I'd be like that too if I had a gym bag :D what a coincidence I just went running on the elliptical an hour ago haha :)

    Great post! I love reading posts like this

  2. thats a lot of stuff ! i love this post because i never know what to take with me and i forget so much stuff ! x

  3. Thanks for ur comment on my blog, ive been a follower of urs for a while now!
    I hope u join in with the £100 giveaway :-) xx

  4. goodness u sure pack a lot for the gym haha great post :)

  5. This has helped me alot! I've been looking for a suitable exercise top for ages now. I can only ever find tight vests :(

    I'm currently holding a GIVEAWAY on my blog if anyone is interested.

  6. Wow you take a lot! Haha! I wish I could fit the gym into my day! I really could do with it! X


  7. Oh you're so inspiring me to go the gym and I hate it. Haha! I'm now following your blog. Love it!

  8. I don't go to the gym but you have a fab gym kit!! :) xo

  9. lovely little gym kit you take, i love the beauty products!:)


  10. cute post.

    check mine if you like :)