nspa 4-Step Beauty Ritual

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Step 1: Melting Cleansing Gel - £3

Step 2: Hot Cloth Polish - £7 (currently 2 for £8)

Step 3: Illuminating Beauty Serum - £7 (currently 2 for £8)
nspa is exclusive to Asda!

I am super excited about this product, that I am not quite sure where to start. I suppose I should talk about the misconception of the title. This skin care regime does consist of 4 step, however I only have up to 3! This is because my local Asda (where they are sold) never have number 4 in stock - it must be to do with how good and cheap they are. 

So what initally attracted me to this range was an advert that I saw in a magazine months ago, I am not quite sure what magazine it was. I googled the brand and was shocked to see that they were from Asda (the magazine advertorial look really fancy.) All these products are paraben-free, contain essential oil of Neroli and are under a tenner! 

Melting Cleansing Gel - This soft, warming gel easily massages onto the skin, lifting and removing make-up and impurities. When adding water the clear gel/balm formula melts into a milk like consistency. It contails Ginseng, Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil, which gives it, it's herbal spa like scent. The smell of this product is one of my favourite things about it. To be honest, I just love the way it effortlessly removes make up whilst keeping my skin soft and not irritating it at the same time. 

Hot Cloth Polish - The first thing that I want to mention about this product is the quality of cloth which comes with it. Now considering it is on the cheaper end of the Hot Polishes out their, it has a cloth which could rivial the quality of the Liz Earle one. In fact the polish itself could rivial the Liz Earle. It smells similar, is gentle enough and leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. The packaging is basic, yet feels nice has a fitted lid and the product comes out via a pump. It contains Ginseng, Vitamin E, Coco Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Now that I have been using this I am not sure whether I will be going back to the Liz Earle, this gives me the same effects for half the price! 

Illuminating Beauty Serum - This is my least favourite out of the 3 products and I think it is only down to preference to why I am I think it doesn't live up to the other two products. The formula has specs of fine glitter in it and I really don't like glitter in my skincare, bath products or body lotions. Saying that this product does make your skin look instantly brightened. And just like the other products it contains Gingseng, Vitamin E and Maca Root. It sinks into the skin quickly and smoothes on. 

Have you tried/ heard of this brand?  


  1. I love that their products are cheap, i must try and get myself the serum at least!!

  2. I really need to try these :) xxx great post coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk

  3. i was really surprised when i scrolled down and saw how cheap they were! i don't live anywhere near an asda though, otherwise i'd definitely be trying these out! x


  4. Iv just bought some of the products, iv been really enjoying them so far! I will be reviewing them soon, once iv given them a good try!


  5. They're a fab range aren't they? I love the jojoba body stuff xx

  6. i really love ur blog! you are amazing! keep on the good work! i follow!


  7. These sound amazing products and asda are doing a great deal on them !:)

  8. They aren't pricey but I'm pretty sure they aren't available in my country though :( Would've like to try them out, they sound pretty amazing :)


  9. I work at Asda, and I keep putting these through on the checkouts and I'm eyeing them up! They've been so popular! Can't wait to try them x

  10. All sounds lovely, especially the melting cleansing gel, really want to try a couple of products :) x


  11. Todos parecen geniales,Me encanta!
    Te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  12. Tempted to try the Hot Cloth cleanser but not sure I can part with my Liz Earle!