Christmas at Lush

Friday, 11 January 2013

So I am slightly annoyed at myself for doing this post after Christmas and now 50% of this stuff is now unavailable. The thing is that this year I asked for a few bits for Christmas, so I wanted to wait for my full collection to show you all! I am a full Lush addict and I love going into there stores are the people are always super friendly and helpful which always makes me make at least one purchase - damn them. I know there products are on the pricey end for what they are but I can honestly say that I love them!

Honey I Washed The Kids - £3.40 for 100g 
This soap is gorgeous for dry, 'wintered' skin, enriched with honey.
Rock Star - £3.40 for 100g 
An old classic, it smells super girly and lathers up whilst still nourishing the skin.
Sea Vegatable - £3.10 for 100g
It contains lavender and sea salt which helps with blemishes on the body.
Snow Globe - Discontinued (Christmas 2012) 
This lime citrus smelling soap is right up my street, it is refreshing and kind on my skin.
Snowcake  - Discontinued (Christmas 2012) 
Marzipan Christmas smelling soap, it has a slight bit of glitter on the top of the soap but underneath it is just pure white.

Bath Bombs
Golden Wonder - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Butterball - £2.45
Rocket (actually a bubble bar - oops) - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Space Girl - £2.10
Party Popper - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Dragons Egg - £3.20

Bubble Bars & Bath Melts
Candy Mountain - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Christmas Eve - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Santas Sack - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Melting Snowman - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Moustache - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
Magic Wand - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)

Shine So Bright Hair Balm - £4.50 for 10g
This pricey balm is actually lovely on the ends of my hair, it is really soothing and helps banish that frizzy end look. A little goes a long way.
Trichomania Solid Shampoo  - £5.25 for 100g
I am still not a solid shampoo convert as I find it a faff, yet this one is packed full with coconut and really helps smooth and repair dry hair. 
Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
This sugar, sweet shower gel is super girly and is great before a night out.
Twilight Shower Gel - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
This should be used in a before bed shower, the strong lavender scent helps relax you and your muscle. It is great after a long day. 
Whoosh! Shower Jelly - £3.50 for 100g
I was using the Sweetie Pie Jelly and I had glitter in it and that was a no no for me, however this one which is enriched with grapefruit and essential oils not only feels great on my skin but also wakes me up.
Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion - £10.95 for 240g
This is heaven for when my skin is particularly worst for wear, I would recommend it to anyone who has super sensitive skin.
Popcorn Lip Scrub - Discontinued (Christmas 2012)
I am a huge fan of the bubblegum flavour, however I tried this several times and didn't like it, the final time that I did try it I liked it so I bought it instantly.

What have been your Christmas Favourites?


  1. Aah I love this post! All the colour in it make me happy, haha. I really like Lush & their products & agree on the friendly people there! They also make me want to buy everything they show me. But that's okay I think ;) I've never been disappointed by any of their products!

  2. I really like their solid shampoos, I find they're fab for taking on holiday as they take up so little room in my suitcase. Snow Globe is my favourite soap of all, so refreshing and zingy!

  3. Really wish I would have got my hands on Snow Fairy Shower Gel.. everyone seems to like it.
    My fav one I bought this year was Candy Mountain.. amazing!

  4. What a great collection of items :) my favourite this year was Ponche Shower Gel!

  5. Wow thats alot of lush! I love snow fairy but i really want to try candy mountain x

  6. I've tried pretty much all of these, love Lush. I don't mind that done of these products are available now, most of them will be back before we know it x

  7. Sooo tempting! Omg can't believe the reduced prices. Lush sale sounds incredible! :)

  8. I love them too! Lush got always gorgeous things!:) Kisses! xo

  9. I LOVE Snow Fairy! The smell is amazing, it makes my whole house smell lovely haha. I also am a huge fan of the lip scrub, sounds horrible but I have had mine for about 2 years i think (i should get a new one) but its not even 1/2 way through and I apply it everyday and every time i apply lip product - i couldn't live without it! Just came across your blog and I love it! Definitely following :-)

  10. Wow!!! So many products! <3


    P.s I'll be on next months COSMOPOLITAN!!! I'M SO EXCITED! :)

  11. Tht is such a great deal, you got alot aswrell nice post!:)

  12. You make me want to go out to Lush and spend all my money, haha. I wish I got a change to buy more from the holiday collection while I could have. But I do love Snow Fairy! It's one of my favourite scents. And I agree with you about the friendly employees they have there! I've made friends with half of the staff at the Lush store in my city.
    xx Jordana

  13. I still have yet to try a LUSH product and they look so amazing, hurry up pay day Im so tempted!!


  14. Ah I love lush so much!! I wish I had a collection like that!! Xx

  15. I love Whoosh and Dragons Egg (firm favourites!) and I'm so sad they have discontinued Snow Fairy!

    Lovely collection, enjoy using them all! xxx

  16. What a great haul! It all looks amazing. I really need to try out some Lush products!

    -Ciara xo

  17. LOVEEE the set of soaps and bath products - i bet they smell good and make you feel good as well! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  18. Ohhh i love abit of Lush! Their Christmas ranges are always amazing. Great post! I just came across your blog and think it's great - I look forward to more posts. Perhaps you could check my blog out when you have a mo I'm fairly new to blogging!

    Amy x

  19. I recently had a lovely bath with Golden Wonder - and reviewed it on my blog. I can't wait to try the Magic Wand, will have to wait until next year to review it though since it's now discontinued!

  20. omg alllllll those lush goodies! wow!! xx

  21. WOW, you got so much stuff! I love Lush and I'm so jealous / excited for you! Have you used their dry shampoo? I swear by it and I think it's one of the best ones out there, but unfortunately the bottle isn't so great. It's in a bottle similar to a lotion... I wish it was in a hair spray format like many others out there. XO

  22. Oooh you picked up some lovely things, I like lush but I'm not a bath person so I don't go there very often. I did get the Big shampoo for Christmas though and I absolutely love it, so I might try some more of there hair and shower things this year :-)

  23. I love Lush, I got snow fairy shower gel and the snow fairy wand for Christmas! xxx