My Big Fat Diary: Week 1

Tuesday, 15 January 2013
Hello Everyone, 

So like I said I will be doing weekly post every Tuesday, about my weightloss journey - but also about my moods and how I have been feeling with it. Now if you want to read (or see pictures) of me currently and my goal or me prior to my weight gain then click here

Week One:
I'm not sure whether week one is meant to be easy or not - or whether it is just dependant. For one thing, I had a lot of fitness motivation but probably lacked in certain parts of my diet (I did still indulge in some fatty bits... oops) I am just trying to slowly cut myself down on the foods that I like.Though on the positive, I have been to the gym 3 times this week (which was my aim) and I have been drinking around the 2 litres mark of water  

Lost: 4lbs

Food: It has been a mixed week, I have had good and bad days. I only went over my calories one day and the rest I remained under which is great. I had a few little treats as I am trying to get myself of the chocolate without going cold turkey because then I am hoping that I won't crave it as much. I use the myfitnesspal app - my name is Misslaceyloves on it and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to diet! 

Calorie Target - 1500 per day/ 10,500 for the week. 

Calorie Intake - 10,399 for the week - which means that I was 101 calories under for the week. Pretty good considering the over indulgence that I had.

Fitness: I don't like going to the gym, but once I have been and gone to the gym I really like it, but then I don't like the aching the next day. A vicious circle really. I have never been the most sporty of people and I am rubbish at running and many other physical activities. I used to go to Body Conditioning classes back when I was fitter and they really helped me tone and help me lose weight too! I tend to steer clear of the gym itself as I am not very self motivating and I usually go easier on myself than I would in a class. 

Exercising Target - 3x 1 hour exercise per week 

Actual Exercising - 1 hour of the gym & 45mins Aqua Aerobics, 1 hour of the gym & 1 hour at a Body Conditioning class. Along with walking a lot more and as often as I can. 

Mood: I feel really deflated this week, I mean don't get me wrong I am happy with my weight loss this week. I do feel like I have cheated myself because I have just lost the weight that I gained over Christmas, that and I haven't tried the hardest that I could. I just feel that when I start exercising and dieting, I begin to notice the fat on me even more than I did before. I'm hoping to be gulping the endorphins of my exercising next week. I just need to pull myself out of my silly mope. 

If you want to see the background behind me and my weight see this post (includes pictures) 

How is everyones healthy New Years going?


  1. Thats such a good weight lose for week 1. I've been eating healthy and doing an exercise dvd 3 times a week and have lost 2lbs. It's just encouraging me to carry on the more weight i lose xo

  2. I'm starting the same thing had my first weigh in tonight so fingers crossed this week goes well!
    Be good to follow your journey too xx

  3. Congratulations on your first week :) it is normally the hardest as you have to motivate your self to get started but now you've started you just need to keep the motivation up! Keep it up and you will do great :) How good is aqua aerobics? I used to do and feel the burn for days afterwards. xo

  4. Well done! Ive lost about the same as you although its been a bit up and down in the space of a week, weird! Can't wait til my clothes start to feel a little looser though as I'm just so uncomfortable at the minute :( You're doing great though hun, please keep up the good work and the blog updates cos it motivates me, too! :D

  5. eee well done on the weight lost - i have to agree with everyone else motivation is HARD but just keep it up and you'll soon see results! :-)

  6. That's really good for one week! Keep going :D I only go to the gym once a week and I'm ill now so yeah :( I'm also trying to cut out greasy and sugary food but family gatherings (sp? haha) are not helping. Keep up the good work :D

  7. Well done! That is such an amazing start, I felt really deflated this week too! I completely agree with you, now I'm watching my weight etc, I feel even bigger. Crazy how you're mind works! Good luck & I hope you get to where you want to be!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  8. I definitely notice my body more as soon as I start to diet! It's awful! This sounds like you are doing really well and have a good attitude to it though =)you just inspired me not to eat a biscuit. Thanks! xx

  9. wow, i wish i was doing as well as you (:


  10. Really enjoyed this post lovely, I always like to hear how people go about dieting and fitness!! I am so unmotivated so posts like this give me that little boost I need :) 4lbs in one week is amazing, you should be proud!! Xx.

  11. That's a great loss! I recently joined slimming world and my first loss was 3lb, I'm really enjoying it and I'm feeling alot better! Week one is always hard as you are changing your whole life style :-) keep going! Xx