My Big Fat Diary: Week 4

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hello Girls,

Week Four: 

I can't believe it is like six days into February and I haven't posted yet... to be honest I could come up with a million reasons why but the biggest truth is that I have just been lazy. Any of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will know that on Monday, I started a new job. So I have gone from doing part-time hours (very sparse part time hours) to doing a full 9-5.30 job. So in the run up from last week I have been trying to do as much possible before I started work... by as much possible I mean anything to defer me from going to the gym. Though to be honest I know I have only been working since Monday but it is baffling me how anybody who works full time fits in the gym... very "fat girl" of me  to think that. I need to stop with this "lazy girl" attitude.

Lost: 1lb

Food: The beginning of the week started off really good and the weight began to melt (or at least I felt a lot less bloated) but then I became busy and connivence took over. I mean don't get me wrong I have started to become very self conscious of the amount of calories that I am having and I need to make time to sit down and plan my food for the week, especially my lunches and snacks. That is one good thing about working full time is that you can plan you weeks meals, when I was part time I didn't know what I was doing from one day to the next let alone what I was going to eat. Though I am proud that I am under my weekly target... I just need to get the balance between calorie counting and exercising right! 

Calorie Target - 1500 per day/ 10,500 for the week. 

Calorie Intake - 10, 494 for the week - which means I was only 6 calories under my weekly... However I have tried really hard to maintain my 1500 a day which I think is why I have only lost a pound. 

Fitness: I wish I wasn't so lazy but I am... though I keep blaming in on the fact that I have no routine to my life and now I have a routine... I'm still not doing much about it. Though I guess this week is the testers of my routine and most normal activities ie blogging have been out the window. 

Exercising Target - 3x 1 hour exercise per week 

Actual Exercising - None. Though I have been walking A LOT more... I have about a 10minute walk into and out of work. Then I take the stairs (4 flights... impressing) haha but that kills me if I am honest. 

Mood: If I am totally honest, my "diet" has been the last thing on my mind this week... I have been worrying about my job and then whilst at work been worrying about the actual work I am doing. However, I have become more aware that I am now sitting down all day (typical office job) apart from printer/toilet/drinks trips. I have also noticed that I like to pick in the afternoons and realised how hard it is to dodge the chocolate and biscuit givers of the office. I know I am only 3 days in but I really want to find myself a routine which includes exercise and vitamin taking.... lots of it. 

If you want to see the background behind me and my weight see this post (includes pictures)  

So if any one works full time or has a super busy life can you give me a few tips... though they have to be do-able! 



  1. don't give up :) especially if you're still fairly new to working full time, it takes a while to not let that be your whole life :)
    I try and get to the gym three times a week (although I have been slack so far this year) I go straight from work so that I don't get comfy at home & then I go food shopping on the way back from the gym- nothing will motivate you to buy healthily that a good work out. I tell everyone in the office when I am 'off' junk food so that I don't get included in a cake rounds & just bring tonnes of healthy snacks with me, I also drink a tonne of water & skip the tea/coffee :)
    If you want any more little tips, feel free to ask, I definitely am a lazy turned sort of healthy girl :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  2. I really could've written this post because I'm just like you! I keep blaming "having no routine" but when I have one nothing changes. Drink lots of water! This is the one thing I try to do :)

    Great post!


  3. I've just read all of your posts in this series and I admire your determination to make a change. It's really hard to get started I understand but you mustn't give up. I'm really love my health and fitness and happily a gym bunny so here's a few little things I hope help you. In regards to work and gym I did a 15 month placement as part of my uni course so had a 9-5:30 job, I just took my gym stuff to work and went straight after. There's a photo on various fitness tumblrs etc that says sometimes you just need to put your big girl panties on and do it. Put it on a calendar, tell people oh I can't I'm going the gym tonight. You need to make your exercise a habit rather than something your doing to achieve a goal (I hope thy makes sense) once it's habit you will find it so much easier. food wise offices are dangerous, do you like strawberries and raspberries etc? Why don't you make a little tub of them up and take them to work and when everyone goes on the biscuits have some fruits. They are so sweet and juicy! Also when you are trying to give something up set some rules. When I gave coke I didn't drink it at home for a month and then I stopped drinking when i was out. It took me 3 months but little steps make things so much more achievable. Why don't you buy some mini size chocolate bars and only allow yourself chocolate on gym days? Also research into clean chocolate brownies or cookies. :) I'd also recommend trying to switch to brown bread and pasta. Brown rice is foul in my opinion though lol. I saw in one of your previous posts you hate going the gym cos there a lot of skinny people there and you always ache the next day. In regards to the first part here's a story about my gym, there is a lady called Angela who has abs of steel. She is there every day and everyone knows her, she is amazing. She used to be a size 20. When you go the gym all those "skinny" people could have been a lot different a few years ago and they in now way are looking at you and judging you. I pay no attention to anyone at the gym unless they are interfering with my work out. And the aching part, I'm sorry but you just need to take a deep breath and carry on. You will ache less the more you do it! And the more you do it the less you will ache and it will help you from not fall off the wagon cos you will know you'll mentally beat yourself up and then it will hurt physically lol. I'm sorry about the very long comment I just want to help and help you to keep it up! You can and will do this! If you need any help or motivation or just someone to talk to tweet me ok? @shenmooblog. Good luck huni! Keep at it xxxxxxx

  4. Your doing so well :) I have just started doing a 6 week challenge to loose weight. Feel free to check it out and give some tips and advice :)

    love char_beyy xx

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  6. Don't give up! You have been doing well & starting a new job is a culture shock, especially if you are not used to working full time. I find that if I get up an hour earlier I can fit a workout in before work. Just get up and MOVE for 30 minutes, something to kick start your metabolism and get your body moving! Try some YouTube fitness videos or a workout DVD. Something quick & effective does the trick! I like doing HIIT workouts in the mornings :)

    Food wise planning is key, I make sure to eat a good breakfast and then pack my lunch and two snacks so I don't get tempted at work. Made sure to keep your H2O intake up and if you are craving something sweet try cinnamon tea as cinnamon curbs sweet cravings. I also love cinnamon dusted apples for the same reason. If you need something for on the go Nakd bars are great! Feel free to sent me a tweet anytime @jaynebecca ~ always happy to help! x

  7. I work full time and pretty long hours, 12 hour shifts somedays. We have a sandwich van that comes around with chocolate and crisps and stuff, I find it easier to not take cash with me so I can't spend it. I also just don't take that much food. The other day I took loads of carrots, cucumber and pepper and a dip and just had that, that was on a fast day though. I wasn't even that hungry. I've also told my work colleagues that I am on a diet/eating healthy so they are good at not offering me things etc! Keep up the good work hunny. My 3rd update will be coming on Sunday :) xx

  8. Hi darling, you really inspired me to do a diet, now I'm really into it!
    I'm using my fitness pal as much as i can and i think ill see results soon, im also doing a 1500 calories diet:)
    good luck xxx

  9. Don't give up!! My tips are:
    Always choose the lower-fat/healthy option

    That's what I did when I lost my weight! Managed to keep it off for 10+ years!

  10. don't give up, you're an inspiration to me!


  11. Youv done so well so far, don't give up! I'm sure next week will be better :-) xx